About Us

Mission  Statement 

LiNi Beauty Supply is created with the aim of bringing joy to the hearts of its customers from all over the world has through our sacrifices to offer you good quality products.


LiNi Beauty Supply is an online company focused on the sale of Natural Hair, cosmetics, personal and intimate care products, make-up products and tools, clothing, gifts, handbags from all brands etc. 

LiNi Beauty Supply has its own brand of Natural Hair “LiNi’s Virgin Hair”.  LiNi’s Virgin hair is 100%Human, comes in three (3) different textures (Brazilian, Vietnamese and Indian) and can be used as many times up to 1 year and more.

Color and Description

The staff of “LiNi Beauty Supply” deploy as much effort as possible in order to choose the types, qualities, colors of the products and the descripts on our site in view to help our customers has a quick choice facilitation. 


Change in terms and conditions of use.

LiNi Beauty Supply reserves the right to change all conditions at any time (Price, Article Send, Payment Method and all other necessary legal terms). All changes will be posted automatically on our website and Our Customers who buy on our site accepts automatically all our Conditions.


Giving up on responsibilities

All purchases made on our website “linibeautysupply.com” by one or more customers or through a sales agent for any product(s)is on the responsibility or at buyer’s personal risk. LiNi Beauty Supply totally declines any responsibility to a customer who buys a product he or she is allergic to or a product who commits bodily harm or commits any other side effects. We are not manufacturers and we will not accept any legal follow-up for any product.

  Client’s Information

LiNi Beauty Supply reserves the right to ask for your personal information as: (Last Name, First Name, Address, Telephone, E-mail), and the recordings will be very confidential.

Price/ Stock Outage/Promotions/Discounts

Any price errors on our website can be corrected. The customers should contact us via Email or via Whatsap with mention price correction requested.

We give our customers two choices for all products that are out of stock.

  1. Choose another product.
  2. Wait until the new stock is available at LiNi.

All our promotions are valid for a specific hard time. After The hard promotion, products will be sold at a regular new price.

All purchases made with our sales agents will have a 5% discount automatically.



All photos, videos, icons and texts of LiNi Beauty Supply remain our personal properties. All of them copies and shares by one other company or person without authorization will be the subject of prosecution in justice.


Sale Tax

Tax adjustments will be made before payment to get the full price.


Shipping/ Return/ Refund/ exchange

All the costs of sending an item are at the customer’s expense.

For the USA and CANADA shipments will be 3 to 7 days after the processing period which is a duration of 5 to 6 days.

All items that do not exceed 5 pounds will benefit from a free shipment within the USA.

For all other countries the shipping period is 15 to 45 days after 5 to 6 days of processing depending on the country.

All shipments have a tracking number where customers will be able to follow the course of the article.


No return/ No refund.

We accept exchanges within 72 hours after the day of delivery. The product must be returned to the same state it was sent, without damage. Pass this delay the product won’t be accepted and will be returned at the buyer’s expense.